Horza (euan) wrote in vanagon,

Double trip idiocy

I'm off to sunny Scotland for the weekend, Scottish Volkswagen festival. Should be a good time I imagine. I will be camping with the rest of the 80-90 crew - Scottish Division; that is those that didn't head south to Cornwall for the Cornish Bashtie.

Silly thing is on Monday I have to return to Manchester, pick up my children and then turn round and head right back to Scotland to spend the rest of the week visiting with Grandma. I could/should have organised it better but without the cooperation of my ex wife these things can be a little tricky.

I have a squeaky wheel, I should check this before I go in reality but to be truthfull I have no idea what I'm gonna find if I do. The best thing would seem to be to get there and let those with more mechanical knowledge than me have a look and listen. I have recovery.

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